How to Make My Direct TV Bill Payment

Many of us find paying our monthly bills a hassle. Our internet and cable TV bills are also a part of the pile of bills that we have to take care of every month. But if you are a Direct TVsubscriber, paying your bill is convenient and hassle free. Direct TV makes the bill payment process easy by offering the subscriber a number of ways to pay their bills. With their online payment solution you can even pay your bills right from your cell phone. Isn’t that cool? Let’s take a look at what options you have to make your Direct TV bill payment.

Online Payment

Paying online is probably the most convenient way for most of us. You can do so simply by registering your account on the Direct TV website They accept Visa, American Express, MasterCard, or Novus/Discover. After entering the payment information the payment will be posted within an hour. Here you can also choose between making one time monthly payment or automatic payment each month. The automatic payment feature allows you to make automatic recurring payments each month. It can set you completely free off your bill payment duties and comes in handy especially if you are planning to go for a holiday.

Pay Pay Phone

You can use your phone to pay via text message, by sending a message PAY to 21880 and follow the instructions, or our/their automated phone system. Call 1-800-531-5000 and choose between the automated systems or to talk with a representative. The first choice is free and the second one will cost you $5. You should have you credit or debit card information in hand.

Pay By Mail

Paying by mail is also easy and fast, you just need to mail a check or Money Order in the pre-printed envelope in your monthly bill.

Pay In Person

You can also pay with cash at any retailer. All you need to do is to have your direct tv account number with you. If you want to know where you can find retailers call 1-888-PRECASH (773-2274) or check on their web site The same is with PayExcange. For retailers call 1-888-477-7297 or check on their web site

Pay Through Western Union

For Western Union you would need to have your account number. Make a quick collection by using DIRECTVUT for the city code. The payment is wired directly to Direct Tv. The payment post will be done within three business days. For more details call 1-800-225-5227 or go on their website.

Pay Through MoneyGram

Similar payment can made through MoneyGram. For an express payment use DIRECTV as the company name and 1602 for the city code. Just like Western Union, the payment is wired directly to direct tv. MoneyGram will post the payment within two business days. For more details call 1-800-MONEYGRAM or check their web site

Pay Through Home Banking

Lastly, you can check your banking institution or bill payment service for making a payment with home banking.

Founded by the visionary Howard Hughes, DirecTV commenced broadcasting services in 1994,and through systematic procurement and mergers, today it is a multi-billion dollar corporation that had stated revenues of 27.226 billion in 2011.The Company maintains its headquarters in El Segundo, CA while the broadcasting is transmitted from Castle Rock, Colorado.

It was in Feb 2004 that DirecTV officially became a stand-alone entity, and started focusing solely on satellite television. By 2007, they had up to 100 HD channels. This number has now increased to 190.

Some of the major acquisitions made by DirecTV in the recent past are ReplayTV, Connect TV and LifeShield. The latter is a maker of wifi systems, and DirecTV intends to use them to market their systems.

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